To win in the automotive aftermarket you have to make it your business to know the best in the business.

Getting a share of the $250 Billion Pie

The Automotive Aftermarket industry is estimated to be worth over $250 billion in the U.S., yet most companies don’t have the product information they need to properly get their products to market — resulting in increased costs due to inefficiencies, and lost sales revenue.

Automotive Aftermarket suppliers need reliable parts information that maps to industry standards — and they need it fast. Without it, they can’t get their products to the people who need them, when they need them.

With complete, accurate, standards-compliant parts information, suppliers can:

  • Gain access to the vast automotive aftermarket through channel partners
  • Give your channel partners the content they need to sell more of your products
  • Delivery products much faster
  • Creates high customer satisfaction by ensuring the right product for the right job
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Maximize productivity by reducing human data entry time and human error

Automotive aftermarket suppliers looking for a Parts Information Management system should seek out one that allows them to:

  • Manage all your data in one centralized system — anytime, from anywhere.
  • Share & collaborate on data securely throughout your organization. Increase productivity and eliminate duplication of effort with secure, role-based access.
  • Distribute data to partner channels quickly and accurately in industry-standard formats.
  • Provide channel partners the information they need to sell more of your products, in industry formats like NAPA, ACES and PIES.
  • Publish parts information in any format with the click of a button